Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Bullying is wrong on so many levels and having been a victim of bullying it churns my stomach to see others being bullied.
As a lot of you are aware my daughter Erin was being bullied when we moved to the place we live now. It was horrible to have a feeling of such helplessness. I was back and forth to the school, I was contacting the other children's parents and I was also having meetings with the teacher but the bullying continued. 
After a few years an incident happened where a couple of students targeted Erin in front of a teaching assistant and this teaching assistant was obviously not happy so went straight to the teacher. This teacher was instrumental in stopping the bullying, but Erin was a shell of her former self. She went from being a popular girl at her old school to this insecure young girl with no confidence, who wouldn't say boo to anyone. 
This is the reason I wrote Erin the Fire Goddess. I wanted Erin to believe in herself and stand up to bullies.
It wasn't until last year, in her final year of primary school, that Erin's teacher commented that Erin was lacking in confidence etc. So I explained what had happened to make Erin feel this way. Of course this teacher was unaware. But she took it upon herself to help Erin's confidence grow

It is now 2014 and my beautiful daughter is not only a clever and confident girl but she does not take any stick from bullies.
Now why have a decided to make this blog now? Besides my hatred of bullies? Well today I logged into Erin's Facebook, which I do regularly to play games - yeah yeah I should be writing :p 
Anyway there is this young girl and for a while now I have been seeing her statuses about people picking on her etc. Before now I just read them and did nothing, probably like so many other people out there. But today when I logged into to Erin's Facebook I saw the girl had put a status during her lunch break at school saying how she has tried to change the person that she is in a hope that these people would stop but nothing is helping. This broke my heart and I could not sit there and ignore it. So I private messaged the young girl and I explained who I am and how I think she should just ignore these people and just believe and be true to herself. Obviously by the reaction I got from her I had put a smile on the young girls face. To me that was all I needed. If this small message helped this girl somehow then I feel as though I have done something worthwhile.
Bullying is so common and it makes my blood boil. Some people do not even realise that they are bullying, and sometimes I feel that that can be worse.
What I am asking of people is this...... if you see anyone being bullied do NOT sit back and try and ignore it because you do become as bad as that person. Do something about it. Even if it is to tell the victim that you are there for them.
If it is you that is being bullied then please please please talk to someone. I beg you. You do NOT deserve to go through this. You are an amazing individual <----- see that word there, yes individual. No two people are the same. We are all unique and different in our own ways and we should embrace that and be happy with who we are. Other people don't like it? Tough. That is their problem not yours. Sometimes people can't handle other peoples awesomeness.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Nichola Thomson singing

Last night my best friend uploaded a video to Facebook that had her daughter Nichola singing on it. Now I have heard Nichola sing years ago and I have always thought she has such a lovely voice. Over the years her voice has become stronger. At one point she was even going to audition for Britains Got Talent but chickened out at the last minute. The reason? She does not have the confidence. 

Nichola is a beautiful nineteen year old girl from Edinburgh and I feel that the world needs to hear her voice and that she needs to realise just how talented she really is.
The video are pictures of her nephew and I think the song works perfectly. I actually love this song and even prefer Nichola's version than the original. Let me know what you think either on here or YouTube and please feel free to share and spread the word.


Sunday, 23 March 2014

Erin's English Assignment

So my daughter Erin, who is twelve, had an English Assignment which is due in tomorrow - 24th March 2014. For this assignment she and a friend have to create a magazine. The magazine is all about books and books that are now movies. She told me that as soon as she was given this assignment she knew that straight away that she wanted to interview me and after finishing reading all of Cameo Renae's books she knew she had to interview Cameo as well.
Now I have to say I am quite the proud parent and after all her pieces were printed off I uploaded and tagged Cameo in hers but I thought 'Why not share it all with everyone else?' so after getting permission from my daughter here is her magazine.

Here is the front cover. Originally is was meant to have a black background so that the writing next to Cameo's picture would stand out. If you cannot read it is says 'Just why is Cameo so awesome?' I do think we all wonder that.

Here is the article about Cameo and I have to say that I absolutely love it. Her logo is so beautiful.

Here is mine. Pretty cool huh?

Thank you for stopping by :)

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Erin the Fire Goddess: Changes

Woohoo it is final finished and ready for its big release on Friday 28th March 2014.
I am really excited to know what you all think of it, and what is more is that my daughter Erin - who the series is named after - is on the front cover :)

Ain't it pretty :)

So what can you expect in this long awaited book? Let me show you the blurb.

Could a simple 'I love you' really break a spell? 
Dr Hammersmith is angry and Erin and Sean have to try and escape.
Can Erin deal with the Betrayal and Torment Sean put her through?
Kate thinks she sees Helen and is confused. She thought she'd killed her years ago. 
Now Kate knows she's innocent. Will Charlotte believe her? Will she be able to prove it?
Is Sean really back to normal? Is he truly completely free from the spell that bound him or has he changed?
Jo is convinced she has found someone with a new power but can she convince his mother?
Everything is changing fast. Can Erin and her friends cope?

Do you like the sound of that? If you do then why not pop across to Goodreads and add it to your TBR list :)

Changes on Goodreads

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Year of the Horse

Well this year became the year of the horse and guess what? That's my Chinese Zodiac sign so that can only mean good things. To find out more about the Horse then please follow the following link:

Year of the Horse 2014

Wow it has been awhile since I have blogged. I am so sorry for that. I told my last year that I would try to blog at least once a week. It didnt really work out as planned. Well I am here now with bells on *jingle jingle*
I'm trying to think what has happened since I last properly blogged. Hmmmm well you know about my daughter Erin's condition. Let's see what else is there. Oh yes I won an award for best cover of 2013 for my book Erin the Fire Goddess: Torment.

It is a great cover if I don't say so myself :)
And here is the certificate. Isnt it pretty :)

Oh my first book is now available in Blackwells bookshop in Edinburgh and if it sells well then we will be discussing them buying the rest of the series. Exciting stuff right? I popped in last week so I could get my daughters to pose with a book and whilst I was there I saw a couple browsing for books for their grandchildren. Well I just had to show them mine, and guess what? You guess it, they bought a copy and asked me to sign it. It completely made my day :)

So what is planned for me for 2014? I am working hard on completely book 4 (technically book 5) in the Erin the Fire Goddess series which I have entitled Changes. I would also like to try and complete another book that I have been working on called Forever in my heart and another book that I don't have a name for yet. Also my daughter Kasey-ray has asked me to write a book about her, so of course I have already drafted the plot and wrote the first chapter. She is really excited but I have no idea when it will be complete.
Already in my head the next book in the Erin the Fire Goddess series is screaming at me to write but I keep having to bat the characters away and tell them to blooming wait until I have completed the current book in the series. They are slightly quiet for now.
I plan for Changes to be the epic. So far i think it will be the best book in the series so far. It is jam packed with action and OMG moments that, should, leave you the reader gasping for more. I am also trying to make this longer than the other books and so far I seem to be right on track.

Anyway I will try and blog more often.

Thank you for reading :)

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Blog hop - 12 days of Christmas

Blog Hop: 12 Days of Christmas 
Event Date: December 1st - 12th 2013 
Hosted by: As You Wish Reviews & Confessions of the Paranormal 
Sponsors: As You Wish Tours & Book Dragon Designs

Christmas window biscuits

I do these with my children every year. Not only do they look great hanging on the Christmas tree but they taste nice too :)


  • 125g butter (cubed and at room temperature)
  • 125g golden caster sugar
  • 225g plain flour, plus extra for dusting
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 2 table spoons of milk
  • 1 packet of colourful boiled sweets

  • Baking sheets
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Sieve
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Rolling pin
  • Large Christmas and small shaped biscuit cutters or a knife 
  • Wire rack 

  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C / Gas Mark 4 / Fan 160°C
  2. Line 2 baking sheets with greaseproof paper
  3. Put the butter and sugar into a large mixing bowl and cream together until pale and fluffy
  4. Sift the flour into the mixture
  5. Add the milk
  6. Use your hands to mix everything together until you have a ball of dough
  7. Sprinkle a clean work surface with flour and place the dough in the centre
  8. Lightly flour your rolling pin and roll the dough out until it's about 6mm thick
  9. Cut out your biscuits using large Christmas shaped cutters or a knife (ask an adult for help)
  10. Transfer each biscuit to the baking sheet, leaving plenty of space between each one
  11. Next carefully cut out the shapes for the window, using smaller cutters or a knife  
  12. Place a boiled sweet into each window - if they are large sweets you can break them up by bashing them once or twice with a rolling pin whilst they are still in their wrappers
  13. Using a fat straw cut out a small hole for the ribbon
  14. Bake in the oven for 12 - 15 minutes or until they are a light golden brown and the sweets have melted
  15. Leave the biscuits to cool completely on the baking sheets as the sweets are very hot and need to set. When completely cool transfer to a wire rack
  16. Thread ribbon through each hole and they are ready to decorate your Christmas tree

Erin Tait is a 15 year old girl, who thinks of herself as a freak. She's moves to her parents home town of Galladale, where all is not what it seems On her first day at school, she meets Sean Jackson. Instantly she is besotted with him. But this results in her being targeted by a girl called Jessica Watson. She has one warning. Stay away from Sean! But he is everywhere she goes, even in her dreams. Which are soon taken over by Jessica's threats and actions against Erin are taken in school. Erin is scared, lonely and confused. Who can she turn to? Will Jessica stop this hate campaign? and can Erin control the fire within?

Most 15 year old girls usually only worry about what clothes to wear, but not Erin Tait. Erin just has to try not to set fire to anything. Easier said than done when she can’t control it. Louise Clarke is a new girl who seems to have some type of seductive power and she says she can have any man she wants, but the only man she wants right now is Sean. After discovering the diary of her great grandmother, Elizabeth Tait, Erin realises that all is not what it seems. Or rather not everyone is who they seem to be. Who is the invisible man? And what secrets does he hold? Can Erin stay away from him? And can she keep Louise away from Sean?

Erin ran away from Sean's birthday party after she witnessed Sean and Louise kiss.

Her world has since been torn apart by the pain caused by Sean's Betrayal and the fire is not only burning on the outside but from within, threatening to strip her of her sanity.

Can Erin handle the Torment that Louise and Sean are inflicting on her?
Can she fight the burning from inside?

Follow Erin on her emotional roller-coaster as she begins to learn to control her fire powers and a friendship soon starts to blossom when Erin begins to learn self-defence.

Her appearance begins to change when she starts fighting with those around her.
Everyone, but Erin, believes that Sean is under some kind of spell and they will go to extreme lengths to prove it.

What will happen in this third installment?

Want a chance to win a signed paperback of Erin the Fire Goddess:The Beginning?

Click the following and follow the instructions. Don't forget to like the page:

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12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Hi all

I wanted to write a blog because I haven't in so long so I wanted to say hi and have a catch up on what I have been up to..... no much lol (j/k)

Firstly I want to say that my beautiful daughter, Erin, who my Erin the Fire Goddess series is named after, published her first book. She is only 12 years old - How cool is that? Here is a picture of Erin:

So I thought I would tell you a little about her book. It is called 'My World, My Words' and it is mainly poetry and one short story. The reviews have been amazing - You must check them out.

I am truly proud of my daughter, and I really hope that you could all support her and get yourself a copy. Please try and leave a review :)

For several months Erin has had problems with her foot. At first we were not sure what the problem was. She is in constant pain and tends to walk on the side of her foot. 
After X-rays, MRI scans, Ink trace scan, we finally we go and see a consultant at the Rheumatology department where we were told that Erin has something called Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritus (JIA). 
Then the people in the room started talking about medication she was going to need etc. Erin totally freaked out because they said she would need regular blood tests and injections. She absolutely hates needles. Then they started talking about the medication they use to treat this. It is called Methotrexate. Luckily they have said that Erin can take this in tablet form until she gets use to needles, through having regular blood tests.
It's been a month now since the diagnosis. Erin gets nauseous from her Methotrexate and tired from her pain meds, but we know that this will help her. Also her school have helped by letting her do permanent swimming for P.E, which is great because she loves swimming. Any other sports, which she hates, she lasts five minutes and has to sit down. 
Erin is the same person she has always been - A bit cheeky and thinks she knows everything lol. But we wouldn't have her anyway. She loves reading and writing. Hopefully she will continue and publish more books. 
Not everyone can say they published at a book at the age of 12. I know I cant but I certainly did try - This is exactly why I encouraged Erin and helped her publish her book. When I was that age it was so hard to publish a your work. I use to get letter after letter saying 'We do not accept unsolicited documents' which is quite disheartening for a young girl and for almost two decades I gave up my dream of becoming a writer. It was actually Erin who encouraged me to start writing again when she asked me to write another story about her, after a wrote a short story for her school about how bullying is bad and you should stay in school and learn.  Then one day I had a dream about a young girl being bullied et voila, Erin the Fire Goddess was born.
Now I have my youngest daughter, Kasey-ray, asking me to write a story named after her. Having a character named after her in the EtFG series isn't good enough lol. Well the other day I dreamt of the perfect story for her and next year I will start writing it. So watch this space. 
It was actually Kasey-ray's 7th birthday on Monday 2nd December. She told me it was the best birthday ever. Here is a picture of her:

As you can see, I am truly blessed to have such beautiful children who inspire me every day. I love them so much :)